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Our reception desk can arrange for a number of activities at Ananda ranging from yoga and nature walks, to lessons making Balinese offerings and music.


Apart from the attractions of Ananda Cottages and Ubud in general, the following activities/learning experiences can be arranged at Ananda Cottages:

Yoga Programs
Hatha yoga is one of your choices, the movement is following the way of the animal. You will find refreshing air and beautiful rice field views surrounding our yoga space.

Asthanga yoga is also available for beginners. This type of yoga includes pranayama (breathing circulation), meditation and hatha yoga (animal movement).

Natural Walk
Friendly staff from Ananda Cottages can organize interesting walks in the surrounding rice fields, river valleys and ridges, which offer unique Balinese rural scenery.

It is very easy to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Balinese Offering Lesson
Life in Bali is not complete without the daily offerings made using perishable natural materials, the most common of which is "busung" or young coconut leaves.

Some offerings are also made with dried lontar leaves which may be re-used.
This activity is a very satisfying experience.

Balinese Music Lesson
An integral part of Balinese dance is the exhilarating gamelan music which accompanies it.

In a brief period you learn the basics of one instrument of this percussion-type orchestra.

Balinese Dancing Lesson
You will never forget the experience of watching Balinese dances.
You too can learn the fundamentals at Ananda Cottages.

Painting Lesson
Ubud is often described as the painter's village, there being many artists in this area.
Teachers are readily available at Ananda Cottages to guide you with water colors or oils in this inspirational setting.

Wood Carving Lesson
Wood carving and stone carving are skills widely practiced in Bali. Teachers can be called to teach you as required.

Cooking Lesson
Balinese and or Indonesian cooking can be can learnt at Ananda Cottages. Readily available herbs and spices are mixed in various combinations to create delicious meals.

Batik Lesson
Batik or wax resist dying of fabric is one of Indonesia's long traditions. It is a very satisfying experience to make your own painting, wall hanging, or table cloth.